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Angela Weir was called to be a writer. She didn’t know she had this gift until she suffered a great tragedy and asked God to provide her with peace and comfort. God answered her prayer by showing the healing that comes with writing. Angela Weir uses her God-given talent to help others, which is something that she has been doing all of her life.
Angela Weir comes from a large, close-knit family. She grew up in the church, but she did not think that her destiny would be leading her own ministry. In all honesty, she resisted her calling for a very long time. As she details in her first book, Woman of Purpose: Destined for Greatness, she learned many hard lessons before she fully accepted God into her life. When she did, however, she was given many of the things she asked and the strength to face the obstacles that followed. Her strong faith and belief in God helped her deal with the death of her beloved sister, a devastating bankruptcy, and her own life-threatening health problems.

As an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and evangelist, Angela Weir knows the importance of hard work, believing in yourself, and having faith that your prayers will be answered. In 2012, she became the president and Founder of Women with Divine Purpose International Outreach. She owns For His Glory Productions & Studio L.L.P . She is also the Founder of Your Destiny magazine. And Founder and CEO of Vision Of Hope And Faith Center, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Business through Ashworth College. 
Through these endeavors, Angela Weir is able to spread the word of God in her unique and unforgettable way. She is a teacher, a cheerleader, a confidant, and a humble servant all rolled into one. Because she knows what it feels like to go through tough times, she is able to impart the strength and wisdom that she has learned. She knows that it is always darkest before it becomes light. In her writing, Angela Weir stresses this important fact and, with her biblical knowledge, helps walk her readers toward that light. She knows what God can do because she is a living testimony. Sharing her story and helping others is what God has called her to do.
The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native is, also, a mother and a wife. She and her husband Sean have been married for twenty-eight years and share three beautiful children, Shawnissia, Sean Jr, and Alexis.


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